Writings related to Love

Stay Centered and Enjoy

There are some things we can’t hear until we know we have a problem. We hear what we are ready to hear. I am familiar with a problem which I have to work with in my own life, and I expect some of you have to work with it as well, that has been with me a good part of my life. Is there an answer to this problem, or is it just inevitable and we will have to live with it gracefully, knowing it will never go away? This problem is especially acute for good people, people who are sensitized and want to be faithful and want to make a difference in the world—especially people who have heard God’s call on their lives and want to be faithful to that call. What is the problem that most good people have? It is being in overload, too busy, weighted down, with too much on our plates. We simply cannot keep up. Read more…

There Is Another World

A friend has shared his awareness of the life transition toward dying and eventual death he finds himself in now. Big news for us all, and dare I say, “glorious” for the sense of awareness and wonder and something even deeper than acceptance—perhaps “welcome”—that I sense in him at a time when he is beginning to lose his life as he has always known it. What manner of loss is this? A big part of his loss, if I understand him well, includes a deeper sense of well-being than almost ever before in his life. Wow.

When he shared his truth, my fear of losing my mind, my fear of loss of control of my life, my fear of dying this way was lifted. A lot. Now I’m kind of curious: What might become possible for me when it’s my turn to lose the things that have defined me to myself and others all of my life? I’ve been giving this question a lot of thought. Read more…

On My Way to Where I Want to Be

“Where are you in your journey of being with ‘the least of these’?”

That is a question that makes me a bit uncomfortable because I haven’t gotten very far. I’m further along the road than I was a year ago, even six months ago, but any progress I’ve made has very little to do with any maps I drew up or any goal I set for myself.

I believe that God got me moving out of my comfortable space in Florida–away from weekly card games with friends, lunch after church with friends, movies with friends, shopping with friends–and brought me here to a place where I am challenged to live more responsibly, give of myself more freely and follow Christ more purely than I’ve ever experienced before. Read more…