Writings related to Advent

Birthing a Different World

“There is an urge among us to birth a different world.” – Paul Hawken

Birthing a baby is more than enough challenge, but a new world! Yikes! Advent is upon us and I am keenly aware of the craving for a different world. The Prayer Hut in Primavera Center is waiting for a symbol worthy of the inner work needed this season. Yet inner movements remain subtle. Clues often are all that will be given.

The longing for a womb, a cave for that which grows in the dark leads to the discovery of an old stump covered in winter. It is placed in the Prayer Hut, twisted and turned. We lay the stump over and with the help of a piece of cloth, a grotto comes forth. Something inside me leaps! I sit before it and wonder at what inner clue to a “new world” wants to reveal itself. Read more…


Advent 1

The day is bright and warm for December 1, but the logs in the marsh pond are bare. Spring to summer into early fall they served, on sunny days, as spa to a dozen or so painted turtles. Basking, slay-legged, they would stretch their leathery necks out full length, avid for every luscious atom of sun-light and sun-warmth.

Out of sight now, they’ve not escaped the harsher cold that’s coming. Read more…