Church of the Saviour lives out its call to the inward/outward journey together in different communities. Each has a distinct charism and style, but all share the tradition of deep commitment, listening for God’s leading, and servant ministry in the nation’s capital. Click HERE for a list of the churches and links to their websites.

Weekly Gospel Reflection

  • Wilderness Work

    Last Sunday, the Dayspring community blessed the opening of Earthen Hands, a pottery studio near the old farmhouse. It used to be a lawnmower shed, with the usual accumulation of machines, broken tools and extra parts. Now it’s clean, with two new windows and neat working spaces around Bud Wilkinson’s old kick-wheel – a gift from the art program at New Community Church, returned to Dayspring for this new purpose. Jean Brown will be hosting this “spirit space” whenever she can. Clay has been Jean’s spiritual guide for many years now. “It’s not about a product,” she said, “but the process of discovery, of being a beginner again and again. I want to make this space accessible to anyone who visits Dayspring.” In her own way, Jean was inviting us to the wilderness, where hand and heart must open to what is there: earth and air, fire and water. Clay … Read More


Advent, New Beginnings, Callings Winter 2018

Dear Friends of Inward/Outward,

It’s been nearly a year since Kayla died, and a small group of authors from different communities at Church of the Saviour have picked up her practice of sending gospel reflections and daily quotes from other writers. We appreciate your engagement and readership as we have made this adjustment. As the beginning of the new liturgical year dawns with Advent, we introduce a new logo, and will begin posting regularly to social media. All of the Sunday reflections and daily quotes will post to Inward/Outward on Facebook  ( and the Mission Features and other happenings in the D.C. area will post to the Church of the Saviour Facebook page ( We hope you will be spiritually fed by these posts and and will engage by commenting, posting, and sharing.

We are trying to gain access to the InwardOutward Twitter account (, if you have any information on how this was setup, or if you know the password, please respond via email to Thank you!

2019 Inward/Outward Together CoS logo

The new Winter 2018 issue of Callings is now available, which features articles about the “Growing Stronger Movements” activities at The Festival Center, a new Recovery Café in Anacostia led by Bread of Life Church, the Permaculture Garden at Dayspring, 8th Day Faith Community’s discernment around “The Courage to Be”, Bethany Inc., changes at Potter’s House, and more. You can always find all issues of Callings on our Callings archive page at

Have a blessed Advent and new liturgical year. Thanks for reading!

-Marjory Bankson, Inward/Outward Editor
Matthias Martin, Inward/Outward Webmaster