Church of the Saviour lives out its call to the inward/outward journey together in different communities. Each has a distinct charism and style, but all share the tradition of deep commitment, listening for God’s leading, and servant ministry in the nation’s capital. Click HERE for a list of the churches and links to their websites.

Weekly Gospel Reflection

  • Bringing Jesus Along

    I’ve never shared this story before: it comes from the tomboy contemplative I was when I was young. Back then, Missouri nights tended to be oppressively hot and humid, and there were few ways to escape the swelter. My father would take the family on car rides, so at least we’d all feel some breeze across our sweaty skins as we were moving. This particular night, I was about eight years old, and we were headed somewhere we’d never been before: a demolition derby. If you don’t know, a demolition derby back then featured maybe a dozen big beat-up cars milling around in something like an abandoned football field, smashing into each other until only one car could still move. Hearing our destination, some purpose moved in me that I can still feel. I was a true and devoted lover of all liturgy and rituals then, and my inner world … Read More


Solidarity Concert for Nicaragua – August 24, 2018

The Eyes to See (Is2c) mission group at Seekers Church is sponsoring this concert because one of our members, Oswaldo Montoya, is part of the peaceful protest movement in Nicaragua. With “eyes to see” and hearts open to the place where Jesus would be standing, we offer this concert in joint sponsorship with others who care. We hope it will inspire action where that’s appropriate, and prayers for peace and justice everywhere.

Elena & Los Fulanos Benefit Concert

Funds will be used by the ADN to support Nicaraguans in the country and continue solidarity actions in the U.S.

Purchase tickets for this event at