Creative Process

As artists we work every day. We make our own lives every day; we care for our family every day. It is hard daily work, this creative process. But it is also greater than personal. We are asked to care for others as well—helping them to create their lives as we were helped. Our work is global—we are asked literally to help make the countries of the world fit together in new ways. We begin this making, of course, in our own selves, our homes, our own country—but we can’t stop there.

Our Unique Contribution

Our task is enormous: to co-create with God. To look at all that has gone before us, and to recognize that each one of us, however small, has a unique task in co-creation—a unique contribution to make in the world and to humanity—to recognize that by our very existence, we are related to all things; to the caterpillar, the sod, the animals, the birds, to every man and woman. We are part of an interconnected, interrelated cosmos. We cannot amputate ourselves from the rest of God’s unfolding universe. We must come to discover the part we have to play in it.

Press On

Here is a traveler. He has launched out on a long journey. He comes to the first inn, and there he remains forever. His reason? He has been told that many travelers have come this way and have stayed at this very inn; even the master of the house once dwelt here…. Oh soul! All that is wished for you is that you press toward the end…. Only remember this: Do not stop at the first stage.

Soften Us

O living God, soften us!
Let the fire of your love
thaw the frost within us.
Let the light of your justice
sear away our blindness,
Let the grace of your compassion
heal our hardened spirits.

O living God, soften us!
That, flowing with your grace,
we be impelled to face the world
in bold compassion,
that, driven to justice,
we may dare to cry aloud
for the little ones,
the raped, the beaten
the imprisoned, and the hungry.

O living God, soften us!
Sweep us forward
in a Mighty Wave of Mercy
to heal our darkened world.

Standing at the Margins

There is important wisdom to be gleaned from those on the margins. Vulnerable human beings put us more in touch with the truth of our limited and messy human condition, marked as it is by fragility, incompleteness and inevitable struggle. The experience of God from that place is one of absolutely gratuitous mercy and empowering love. People on the margins, who are less able to and less invested in keeping up appearances, often have an uncanny ability to name things as they are. Standing with them can help situate us in the truth and helps keep us honest.