Adding to the Anxiety

Be not anxious! Earthly possessions dazzle our eyes and delude us into thinking that they can provide security and freedom from anxiety. Yet all the time they are the very source of all anxiety. If our hearts are set on them, our reward is an anxiety whose burden is intolerable…. When we seek for security in possessions we are trying to drive out care with care, and the net result is the precise opposite of our anticipations. The fetters which bind us to our possessions prove to be cares themselves.

My Whole Being

My whole being
pulsates with the fire of desire
for our everlasting union.
My very breath is but Yours.
My heart is a limitless beacon
of Your love.

My Spirit, being Yours,
is the light of the world.
My eyes but radiate and reflect
our Perfect Love.
My very essence vibrates with You
as the harmony of music
not yet heard.

My vision is but Your Love
flowing through me,
seeing only its own reflection.
My only fulfillment is following Your
Directions and Guidance.

My voice, being Yours,
can only bless
My prayer is but an eternal song of gratitude,
That You are in me,
and I am in You,
And that I live in Your Grace

Becoming More Natural

Almost everyone is interested in becoming more spontaneous and creative. We set about developing these qualities as we would with any self-development project, through hard work and perseverance. We put ourselves through arduous spiritual disciplines and self-improvement seminars…. By doing so we remain one step removed from what naturalness really is.

To Dream and to Work

To dream about painting and not also to work at it doesn’t ever bring about a painting. To dream about creating a new world that is not teetering on the edge of total destruction and not to work at it doesn’t make a peaceful world. So it is important that we are creative people working daily on the greater picture as well, bringing to it all our skills of imagination and making.

Doorway to Life

There is always room for great hope. For at every level of despair there is the possibility of giving up. In the midst of every dimension of delusion there are sparkles of sanity…. In the early years of life, giving up usually takes the form of faith. A leaping forward into a belief that one is loved, accepted, forgiven and redeemed just as one is, with nothing special needing to be done. In later years, giving up more often comes from despair. From the wisdom of realizing that no amount of continuing effort, no amount of fixing, will enable one to ‘get it all together.’ Despair then is forever a doorway to life.