Writings by Kate Lasso

The Invitation to Reconciliation

Traditionally in the church, the Advent season began with a period of penitence and fasting. Liturgically the use of purple during the weeks leading up to Christmas was meant to create a visual connection between Advent and Lent, the two periods of preparation for Jesus’ birth and death. For early Christians, these four weeks are inextricably linked to the knowledge that Christ came as the “Word made flesh” to live among us and reveal God’s truth to the world through his life and teachings. As we rejoice in the coming of Christ’s birth, we also are mindful that his life led to his crucifixion, which culminated in his resurrection and the promise of new life for all of us.

Advent focuses our attention on Christ’s birth, while anticipating Christ’s death and resurrection. During this season we celebrate God’s invitation to reconciliation. But, like Christ’s birth, accepting God’s invitation to reconciliation is only the beginning, for as a people reconciled to God, we become a people commissioned to “love the Lord God with all our hearts” and to “love our neighbors as ourselves.” Read more…