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Waiting for the Light


Waitin for the Light Cover Waiting for the Light Bundle
Waiting for the Light:
Advent Day By Day
Kayla McClurg
68 Pages

Waiting for the Light:
Advent Day By Day
—gift bundle
Kayla McClurg
Share the Light with a gift set of 4 books!
$23.80 ($5.95 per book)

Waiting for the Light is a collection of 28 daily reflections for the season of Advent. In it Kayla McClurg ponders the themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love—not as lofty principles but as concrete realities to live more deeply into day by day.


KAYLA McCLURG writes The Story, a series of weekly online Gospel reflections at, where she also manages site content and a daily blog of spiritual quotes. inward/outward is a project of The Church of the Saviour in Washington, DC, where Kayla has been a staff member since 1997. She is the point-of-contact for the church’s eight faith communities and extended network of ministry organizations. She also facilitates inquiries about the church and manages Andrew’s House, a guest house for out-of-town visitors.

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