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Call, in a World Come of Age

When I first was exposed to The Church of the Saviour, what immediately impressed me was the presence of a lot of blessings—helpful preaching and teaching, heartwarming, healing relationships, laughing and having fun together, and seriousness about things that really matter. In this community there was the awareness and acknowledgement of pain along with contagious joy. The community was grounded in a reality bigger than itself.

I wanted what I felt and saw. Something contagious was going on, and I wanted in on it. When a church is being formed consciously by the gospel, there is something real to touch, taste, receive and even push against. Read more…

Work That Is Real

“The pitcher cries for water to carry
and a person for work that is real.” – Marge Piercy

When the doctor calmly told me, in that sudden crazy phone call, that my heart had an urgent problem and I needed to get to the nearest emergency room immediately, I went. But not before walking up, then back down, a flight of 15 steps to get a book. I actually risked death to keep from sitting in the ER for hours, perhaps my last hours on this good earth, with nothing to read! Read more…

On My Way to Where I Want to Be

“Where are you in your journey of being with ‘the least of these’?”

That is a question that makes me a bit uncomfortable because I haven’t gotten very far. I’m further along the road than I was a year ago, even six months ago, but any progress I’ve made has very little to do with any maps I drew up or any goal I set for myself.

I believe that God got me moving out of my comfortable space in Florida–away from weekly card games with friends, lunch after church with friends, movies with friends, shopping with friends–and brought me here to a place where I am challenged to live more responsibly, give of myself more freely and follow Christ more purely than I’ve ever experienced before. Read more…

Joining God’s Dream

For each of us there comes a moment, or a slow series of moments, when we sense the Great Love of the Universe, the One Who Is Beyond–God–as a personally felt presence. Something cold in us warms, something stiff in us loosens, and we sense a turning, an allowing, a yes. “Yes, I am ready to hear you, God. I am ready to deepen my connection to you and to your family. I am ready to be completely yours.”

And we change, not because we decide to change but because we have said yes to the very nature of God, which means we are not separate from but together with. Together with God … together with God’s creation … together with God’s dream. Read more…