Quotes from Taking Flight

Alone or Together?

We all have a story, a life in progress, wanting to be heard, seen, celebrated, lifted up. We are people who feel the creative spirit within, sometimes feeling alone, sometimes struggling to find our way into a group of like-minded souls. Some of us embrace the idea of a creative community, knowing that a collective joy and connection makes us stronger. Some of us shy away from it, worried it would feel too invasive in our quiet lives. Either way, we must acknowledge the truth and understanding that exist when we surround ourselves with a support system.

Truly Grateful

Two men were once walking through a field when they saw an angry bull. Instantly they made for the nearest fence with the bull in hot pursuit. It soon became evident to them that they were not going to make it, so one man shouted to the other, “We’ve had it! Nothing can save us. Say a prayer. Quick!”

The other shouted back, “I’ve never prayed in my life, and I don’t have a prayer for this occasion.”

“Never mind. The bull is catching up with us. Any prayer will do.”

“Well, I’ll say the one I remember my father used to say before meals: ‘For what we are about to receive, Lord, make us truly grateful.'”

What Is Evident

A man got into a bus and found himself sitting next to a youngster who was obviously a hippie. He was wearing only one shoe. “You’ve evidently lost a shoe, son.”

“No, man,” came the reply. “I found one.”

It is evident to me; that does not mean it is true.

What We Fail to See

As the master grew old and infirm, the disciples begged him not to die. Said the master, “If I did not go, how would you ever see?”

“What is it we fail to see when you are with us?” they asked. But the master would not say. When the moment of his death was near, they said, “What is it we will see when you are gone?”

With a twinkle in his eye, the master said, “All I did was sit on the riverbank handing out river water. After I’m gone, I trust you will notice the river.”

Religious Practice

There was once a woman who was religious and devout and filled with love for God. Each morning she would go to church. And on her way children would call out to her, beggars would accost her, but so immersed was she in her devotions that she did not even see them. Now one day she walked down the street in her customary manner and arrived at the church just in time for service. She pushed the door, but it would not open. She pushed it again harder, and found the door was locked. Distressed at the thought that she would miss service for the first time in years and not knowing what to do, she looked up. And there, right before her face, she found a note pinned to the door. It said, “I’m out there!”