Quotes by Dorothee Soelle

Dorothee Steffensky-Sölle (born Nipperdey; 30 September 1929 – 27 April 2003) was a German liberation theologian and writer. (Wikipedia)

Truly Alive

Theology that is truly alive never arises outside of and apart from its situation; it does not drop straight from heaven as ‘God’s Word.’ Rather, it constitutes itself in the solidarity of those affected. I continue to understand faith as a mixture of trust and fear, hope and doubt—in the Gospels Jesus called it great or little faith—as life’s intensity, the search for the true prince and for the reign of God. A conversation, in the full sense of the word, comes into being when people share together their hunger for spirit in leaden, spiritless times. The satiated have no need to talk to each other.