How to Live

How should one live?



to all.

Take the Risk

Jesus risked reputation and dignity in order to love—risked loving even a sinner. O God who risks everything to love, show us compassion that does not count the cost, and teach us to share it without hesitation.

The Flow of Love

We flow into God—and God into us—because it is the nature of love to flow…. The whole and part live together in mutual, loving reciprocity, each belonging to the other and dependent on the other to show forth the fullness of love.

Whether Visible or Invisible

Nowhere is there any visible sign of glory. But, because in every town and village and hamlet of the world there are those who have surrendered their lives, who have made their offering daily, from the small grains of the common life, a miracle of Love is happening all the time, everywhere. The Holy Spirit is descending upon the world.

Not to Love

Hell is not to love any more.