Love and Hell

God cannot enter hell, but love can enter hell and there redeem it.

The Potential of Love

Divine potentiality—beautiful, fathomless, endlessly creative—projects itself into form in order to realize fully the depths of divine love…. The act of loving brings hidden potential to full expression, and the more intimate and costly the self-giving, the more precious the quality of love revealed.

Love For Us and For God

Love in its fullness is both the love of God for us and our love for God…. This is the nature of the religious experience. To know the love of God is to reflect on it, to realize it, to experience it in the heart.

I’m Tired, I’m Whipped

I’m tired
I’m whipped
too dumb to quit
too smart
to let life go by

I’m working hard
to find truth
in my own backyard
I’ve done everything
but die.

Took the long way around
on a short ride to town
found a pass
where few have been

Gained a love
lost a friend
scraped my knees
learning to please

started out
with no choice



found my

Alone or Together?

We all have a story, a life in progress, wanting to be heard, seen, celebrated, lifted up. We are people who feel the creative spirit within, sometimes feeling alone, sometimes struggling to find our way into a group of like-minded souls. Some of us embrace the idea of a creative community, knowing that a collective joy and connection makes us stronger. Some of us shy away from it, worried it would feel too invasive in our quiet lives. Either way, we must acknowledge the truth and understanding that exist when we surround ourselves with a support system.