A Random Selection of Posts from “On the Way”

Kayla McClurg periodically shared wisdom from others and from herself in website posts. Her 26 posts from 2006 to 2014 are in this collection. Some of them appear below in random order.

  • Community and Isolation

    by David Hilfiker Editor’s Note: David Hilfiker is giving a gift to the community by going public about his early stage Alzheimer’s. Here he reflects on a personal moment that speaks also to issues that can arise in community at large. ========== My wife Marja and I were at a silent retreat at Dayspring with others from our faith community this past weekend. We entered the Great Silence after Friday dinner and remained silent until after Sunday morning worship. We … Read More

  • Trust the Stream

    by N. Gordon Cosby “There is a river…whose streams gladden the city of God….” [Psalm 46:4] The stream flowing through our lives is from eternity to eternity.  It is artesian. It is totally adequate. Everything we need is borne by that stream. Its origin is the realm beyond, and it carries infinite resources. In this space-time realm, conditioned as we are, the stream can seem to be a trickle. It seems puny against the drugs … Read More

  • A Tenement God

    by Tom Howarth If a person existed on a steady diet of hamburgers and was suddenly switched to a diet of only fish, the chances are pretty good that he or she would not like it very much. Fish, like other things, can be an acquired taste. Similarly, churches, by and large, are not providing us with a diet of true Christianity but one homogenized with the values of our culture so as to be … Read More

  • I Didn’t Know What Was So Near

    by Kayla McClurg “I didn’t know what was so near, or that it was mine. This perfect sweetness blossoming in the depths of my heart.” – Tagore In community we begin to discover a desire for what we didn’t know was so near, or that it was ours. Traveling into the depths proves to be a lifelong journey, and happens best in community. One of the benefits of being in a church that strives to be on … Read More

  • On My Way to Where I Want to Be

    by Audrey Metz “Where are you in your journey of being with ‘the least of these’?” That is a question that makes me a bit uncomfortable because I haven’t gotten very far. I’m further along the road than I was a year ago, even six months ago, but any progress I’ve made has very little to do with any maps I drew up or any goal I set for myself. I believe that God got … Read More

  • The Politics of Following Jesus

    by David Hilfiker I’m proud to call myself both a follower of Jesus and a political leftist. I believe that many of my political beliefs—care for the poor, non-violence, social/political activism, etc.—spring directly from the Gospel. But I get tired of the jeremiads against Christian beliefs from my secular left-wing brothers and sisters. Analyzing right-wing, reactionary politics, too many of the articles and columns in the progressive and radical magazines I read will at some … Read More

  • Turtle

    by Gayle Boss Advent 1 The day is bright and warm for December 1, but the logs in the marsh pond are bare. Spring to summer into early fall they served, on sunny days, as spa to a dozen or so painted turtles. Basking, splay-legged, they would stretch their leathery necks out full length, avid for every luscious atom of sun-light and sun-warmth. Out of sight now, they’ve not escaped the harsher cold that’s coming. The … Read More

  • The New Story

    by Jim Hall We are living in a time when all around us old stories are dying and new stories are struggling to be born. It is by story that we understand who we are, how we came to be and what we are about. We all live by story, and we are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. New story emerges in many ways—as we let go of … Read More