The Church of the Saviour

Journey Inward, Journey Outward


Journey Inward, Journey Outward
Elizabeth O’Connor
175 Pages


Journey Inward, Journey Outward is a continuation of the story told in Elizabeth O’Connor’s first book, A Call to Commitment. Here she explores the need to hold in creative tension the “inward journey” and the “outward journey.”  Writer, teacher, counselor and leader of small groups, Elizabeth O’Connor was a staff member of The Church of the Saviour for more than 40 years.  She founded Sarah’s Circle, a ministry with the elderly of an inner-city neighborhood.

Journey Inward, Journey Outward sets forth clearly the necessity of maintaining the healthy balance of deepening the inner life while serving a world in desperate need.”

-Wellspring, a Center for the Nurture and Encouragement of Christian Community

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