Fighting Povery Bundle

Fighting Poverty Bundle

Fighting Poverty Bundle

Understanding how individual and societal choices affect those around us is at the center of the thinking Christian’s outward journey. In the Fighting Poverty Bundle, we see through three unique lenses how our choices impact those made vulnerable by poverty.  In When Charity Chokes Justice, David Hilfiker explores the unintended “side effects” of non-profit and social service efforts.  Richard Barnet, in The Global War Against the Poor, unpacks the economic, political and social structures that create and profit from the growing number of poor people across the world. In What Must Followers of Jesus Do? Charles Campbell takes on the singular issue of mass incarceration in the United States.

The Global War Against the Poor
Richard Barnet
42 Pages

What Must Followers of Jesus Do: The Tragedy of Imprisonment in America
Charles Campbell
16 Pages

When Charity Chokes Justice
David Hilfiker
8 Pages

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