Church Builder’s Bundle

Church Builders Bundle

Church Builder’s Bundle


The Church Builder’s Bundle asks what it means to be church, what it takes to live church, and what it looks like to sustain church.  Becoming the Authentic Church is both a manual and a reflection on how the twelve-step movement influences the creation of a church with diversity, reconciliation and justice at its core.  The revised edition of Handbook for Churches and Mission Groups is a practical guide to principles and structures for churches and mission groups from over fifty years of experience in The Church of the Saviour.  Living in the Vision of God is Dallas Willard’s response to Gordon Cosby ‘s question, “Why do churches and ministries so often lose the essence of their founding vision?” It is an insightful essay on sustaining the original energy and dream of any institution.

Handbook for Churches and Mission Groups
Dorothy Devers and N. Gordon Cosby
40 Pages

Becoming the Authentic Church: From Principle to Practice
N. Gordon Cosby and Kayla McClurg
52 Pages

Living in the Vision of God
Dallas Willard
16 Pages

Church Builders Deluxe Bundle
Church Builder’s Bundle—DELUXE


Add Call to Commitment by Elizabeth O’Connor to learn from the beginnings of The Church of the Saviour.

Call to Commitment
Elizabeth O’Connor
204 Pages

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