Call to Commitment

Call to Committment

Call to Commitment
Elizabeth O’Connor
204 Pages

The story of the beginnings of The Church of the Saviour and its intention of embodying the essence of church is told by one of its most beloved members.  Elizabeth O’Connor—writer, teacher, counselor and leader of small growth groups—was on staff at The Church of the Saviour for more than forty years.  In this account of the beginnings of The Church of the Saviour, she tells stories of its early ministries and life in community.

“I know no other writer who could have told the story of our beginnings with the skill and clarity with which Elizabeth has told it.  Her words so beautifully express the essence of who we have tried to be as a people of God.  Our hope is that they will continue to encourage others on their journey and help a new generation of servant leaders to find their places of service in our troubled world.”

–N. Gordon Cosby, The Church of the Saviour

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