The Church of the Saviour

Descent Into Love

Descent Into Love
K. Killian Noe
171 Pages


This is the story of the people, dreams, struggles and hope of Recovery Cafe, by its founding director Killian Noe, longtime member of The Church of the Saviour, and founder of New Creation Community in Seattle. Recovery Cafe is a healing community where those suffering from addiction and other mental health challenges reclaim their lives, and people from all backgrounds discover they belong to each other.

If you are interested in starting a healing community in your own town or city as an alternative to the imprisonment and abandonment of women and men suffering from homelessness, addiction and other mental health challenges, contact Recovery Cafe at [email protected]org.

“Recovery Cafe is an oasis, a refuge, a place where those ignored by the larger culture are honored.” Sherman Alexie, Poet, Novelist and Short Story Writer.


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