Lessons from Growing Seeds

I haven’t planted flower seeds in a long time. So I smiled this spring, on Mother’s Day, when my daughter gave me six packets of seeds. I read the instructions carefully: just scatter the wildflower seeds; soak the sweet pea seeds for a day first; plant the zinnias and snapdragons and poppies right away, just under the surface of the soil. Then leave them be and let Mother Earth do her job.

This spring I also took a class at Dayspring ...

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Who Is My Family?

What a hard challenge Mary and her family faced! They were faced with relinquishing their privileged place in Jesus’ life and opening to his cosmic vision of family; an invitation to move from a conception of family as a closed, almost sacred, unit, to a wildly welcoming space, with no boundaries except to love.

When I put myself in Mary’s shoes, I feel deeply for her. Any mother who has lived through the necessary separation of a child from home ties ...

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Is It Life-Giving?

In the gospel reading for today (Mark 2:23-3:6) Jesus is being challenged by the religious authorities, ostensibly for not keeping to their interpretation of Sabbath regulations, more likely, for turning their world upside down. Jesus’ way of extravagant and unconditional inclusion and mercy is a threat to their way of life. If Jesus cannot be controlled and contained in his going about and stirring up the people – no matter with the good and liberating news of God’s loving presence ...

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Late Night Hunger

John 3:1-17

As a night owl, most of my best thinking (and worrying) is done late at night. It’s often equal parts lonely and sacred. There’s a comfort knowing that Nicodemus, a big deal among the religious leaders, came to see Jesus late one night. Maybe a bit embarrassed. Maybe a bit worried. Certainly curious. And without question, this visit needed to be on the down low. I think he was more hungry than anything. Within all of the truth he’d ...

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