The Church of the Saviour


exists in the context of THE CHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR,
a family of churches and ministries in and near Washington, DC.
Through public acts of reconciliation and love, the church has been a place
to consider the joys and the costs of following Jesus.

Embroidered Table Runner by Adelaide Winstead 1

Cloth art by Adelaide Winstead

inward/outward invites you to
slow down,
listen in,

Here is a safe space to be yourself–ordinary theologian, God-lover or doubter, one who dares to dream of peace, forgiveness, hope, healing, justice, a path that is true–in the here, in the now of your own neighborhoods and churches and lives.

Hosted by Kayla McClurg, staff member of The Church of the Saviour, inward/outward is a place to ponder what it means, why it matters, how we become a new creation, set free for the sake of Love.

You are welcome here.

Join us.