To Grow

Rabbi Uri taught: “Man is like a tree. If you stand in front of a tree and watch it incessantly to see how it grows and to see how much it has grown, you will see nothing at all. But tend to it at all times, prune the runners, and keep the vermin from it, and—all in good time—it will come into its growth. It is the same with man: all that is necessary is for him to overcome his obstacles, and he will thrive and grow. But it is not right to examine him every hour to see how much has been added to his growth.”


  1. Setting Seasons

    Our roots drink from a soil of renewed casting;
    Drunk (in a past), yet soon to be fulfilled (everlasting).
    Our trunks are girded with layered shields –
    Armored, that we may weather this ground (as beacons among fields).
    Our branches are gifted as arms – reaching up and out;
    Stemmed, intricate connections overcome all drying doubts.
    Our leaves provide an enveloping canopy (where rain kisses these lips).
    Veins flow in unison – accepting and open to all quenching tips.
    This body prepares us for answers – of what will be sent;
    Wholly planted, we shall share in reasons – of what the stages meant.
    The Sun leads us through the seasons – of sustenance, growth, thirst.
    Light, that we may seed, shines evenly – that even the last may be first.
    A cycle gives us chances to discover an abundance – of everything in need;
    Eventual to a pattern – within time is a setting where all shall be freed.

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