Our Darkness

We cannot stand the sight of our dark side, so we repress it, push it under, thinking we have thereby disposed of it. But we have not. We have simply pushed it into a place where it both has us in its grip and automatically projects itself on the person or the nation we do not like; so the tension we will not stand in ourselves is carelessly and irresponsibly cast out to increase the tension and strife and anguish of our world.


  1. Excellent.

  2. Rev Lise Sparrow says:

    This is another instance when I cannot locate the source of this quote and would like to to be able to pass it on….is there a way you can or do include this somewhere. I did google it to no avail. Thanks for the beautiful work.


  3. Deanna Bowling says:

    As I grow older, I learn about all of the stuff the history books I studied did not talk about. Not dealing with out own stuff leads to not wanting to deal with others.

    We have to be in community, but not so much to learn about others but first to learn about ourselves. It is for our common good, so that we can stand as one where ever we wind up.

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