Making Room

Tolerance is the opposite of judgmentalism and bigotry, and it involves acceptance and sympathy. It applies both to ourselves and to others. It is the ability to embrace our own faults and weaknesses, as well as our gifts and strengths. This does not mean that we must condone or like them, but that we accept them as they exist in the present. Externally, tolerance signifies the ability to allow and indulge other people, beliefs, or activities that may differ from our own, to make room for them as part of a complex, varied, and dynamic world, rather than judging and excluding them.


  1. Mary Cresswell Sorrells says:

    Tolerance quote is timely. Usually I do not struggle with the offerings here. This morning I do struggle because of Elizabeth Warren having been silenced in Congress when she was trying to share Coretta Scott King’s letter! I have been deeply sad and turn to centering prayer which has helped me keep breathing. And I was gifted with an image of a great big loving weaving of all of us whose hearts are aching these days.

  2. Ken Burton says:

    Yes,I can and should be tolerant. But I know that this is, at best, a small step on the Way. Will I ever be able to truly love my enemies?

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