Being What You Can Be

During a blockade I had a conversation with an older woman in the peace movement about our opponents. She said, “For some funny reason I can never be what I am supposed to be as long as the others are not what they are supposed to be. You, too, can’t be what you’re supposed to be before I become what I am meant to be. You understand? That’s just how the world is, that’s how it is structured.”


  1. I understand the thought that it is easier to be our best self when others are in their best selves. However, remains our responsibility, with God’s help, to place ourselves in our best selves.

    Everything goes well when we put ourselves in that state.

  2. margaret rose says:

    this is true in the workings of Humankind…we are either ‘part of the problem or part of the solution’…we are either consumed by ‘Christ’s Love’ or consumed by …. However, even if others chose not to be whom they ought to be, we CAN and should still become who we are suppose to BE…by co-operating/co-creating with ‘God’s Grace’–and HIS Grace Alone (herein lies the Gift of Free Will and what an Awesome Gift it is). It is our CHOICE to respond in the depth of our Soul!
    As St. Teresa of Calcutta said: “It has never been about you and them, it has always been about you and God”. So very true…this is the stuff Saints are made of!

  3. Jay Sambamurthi says:

    When Jesus prayed for all those who would become his disciples on the night before He was crucified, was He trying to tell us that He can’t be what He is supposed to be for the neighbor we want to proclaim Him as our Redeemer and share His love unless we become what we are meant to be? Fully united and present ourselves as One Body; though we are not all the same, with HIM as the head..

  4. Deanna Bowling says:


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