The Only Choice

We don’t have the choice of avoiding suffering and going around all these deaths. The only choice we have is between the absurd cross of meaninglessness and the cross of Christ, the death we accept apathetically as a natural end and the death we suffer as a passion…. If in the night of despair the soul does not cease loving “in the void,” then the object of its love can rightly be called “God.”


  1. annafarrell says:

    Beautiful and profound…yes it seems we are indeed ‘tasked’ to search for meaning by going inward into the ‘void’….The world of meaning is the world of the soul who dwells in the heart. Am reminded of an ancient aphorism..’as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is…’ Perhaps that journey from the head to the heart is gradual and sequential -a kind of bridging across the void.
    Light and love go hand in hand across the abyss and willingly mount the cross..

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