Paths Toward Transformation

When I found that I no longer believed everything I thought Christians were supposed to believe, I asked myself, Why not just leave Christianity—and religion—behind, as so many others have done? Yet I sometimes encountered in churches and elsewhere…something compelling, powerful, even terrifying that I could not ignore, and have come to see that, besides belief, Christianity involves practice—and paths toward transformation.


  1. Afew years ago I also wanted to leave behind everything which had to do with Christianity because I couldn’t understand things. But taht didn’t work. There were too many things I wanted to have. I just couldn’t leave things behind me.
    So I started to just be there – do things withouht doubting or even asking too much. And I came to believe … This is a very slow way and that is ok. I’m leearning; I’m practicing and I’m experiencing wonderful things, which I call “Miracles”. So, never give up before the miracle happens. Thank you for this reflection.

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