The Momentous Step

The moment in which we become aware of the creative action of God and are therefore able to respond or resist, is the moment in which our conscious spiritual life begins. In all the talk of human progress, it is strange how very seldom we hear anything about this, the most momentous step forward that a human being can make, for it is the step that takes us beyond self-interest, beyond succession, sets up a direct intercourse with the soul’s Home…. Large parts of the New Testament are concerned with the making of that step. But the experimental knowledge of it is not on the one hand possessed by all Christians, nor on the other hand is it confined to Christianity.


  1. Robert Close says:

    I love this quote for its openness and inclusivity. “Nor on the other hand it is confined to Christianity.”

    The mystery of God is too awesome and astonishing for only one religion to have the franchise.

    I sense we are entering an Inter Spiritual Age that will be enriching for all.



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