God Speaks

We are being shown here something profoundly significant about human life. God speaks … in our language and shows us [God’s] secret beauty on our scale. We begin not by an arrogant other-worldliness, but by a humble recognition that human things can be holy, very full of God, and that high-minded speculations about [God’s] nature need not be holy at all; that all life is engulfed in [God] and [God] can reach out to us anywhere at any level.


  1. Deanna Bowling says:

    So many stories about how GOD has reached out to me, no where even near the space to do so. I can only in this format affirm what the author as written, and say AMEN!

  2. margaret rose says:

    if only we lived in the realization that the Earth and everything in it belongs to God and we are as ‘Invited Guests’–in HIS home away from Home; it would then be second nature to us as “God Speaks”.

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