Living Is a Great Deal More

Living is a great deal more than simply not dying. It is carrying out a mission, committing oneself to fashion some meaning that will attain eternity. Time does not create enough space for us to completely realize the meaning of life. Our desires, our hopes, our love, our capacity to communicate, and our powers of understanding surpass and transcend everything that might present itself to us. In wanting the world, human beings seek the Absolute that is God and that surpasses the limits of this world.


  1. Viv Hawkins says:

    This morning in waiting worship at Pendle Hill Quaker Study and Retreat Center, I was reminded of the phrase “Divine-human relationship.” In that covenantal experience, neither the Divine nor the human are asked to travel alone, we walk together knowing not where our shared path ultimately leads yet, often, having faith that the mystery will present what we need while holding the question of the Absolute open as if in an embrace.
    Thank you, Kayla and others who make these daily meditations available to us! I, for one, am blessed by them.

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